1. What it is?
  2. Criterias of choice
  3. Rating of the best boxers for 2020
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Rating of the best boxers for 2020

Rating of the best boxers for 2020
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Each sport has its own professional footwear, which adds confidence to athletes in training and competition.

Today we will touch on the topic of boxing, namely boxers. What it is? How do they differ from regular sneakers, and how to choose them correctly? We will try to fully disclose all these questions in this article so that the consumer makes the right choice and does not waste time and money. We will also get acquainted with the best representatives of footwear for this sport.

What it is?

The first mention of this type of footwear dates back to the 19th century. And the pioneers in this matter were England. Then these were special sneakers that were sewn from a single piece of leather. As now, their sole was rather thin and non-slip. Also, initially they were short, only then they began to make them with a higher bootleg.

Boxing shoes are special shoes for boxing. They provide the athlete with stability in the ring and greater efficiency of movements.

They are part of the outfit and play an important role. The clarity of each movement and stability will depend on how high-quality the product is. Some athletes are sure that it is comfortable and reliable shoes that can provide a victory for a fighter in some cases, because he feels confident, nothing bothers him and does not rub.

In connection with the above, some boxers give preference to a particular manufacturer. Below we will consider the selection criteria.

Criterias of choice

Based on the experience of professionals, we have compiled a list of some of the criteria that we propose for consideration.

  • Height

This parameter requires special attention when purchasing. The gradation here is as follows: there are high, medium and low. Each of these types has its own purpose, as well as advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about them below.

  • Price

Don't skimp on quality. Experienced fighters argue that only eminent brands that produce specialized clothing and footwear for sports can provide reliability, quality that can ensure success in the ring. If you consider the option of purchasing these shoes, say, on the market, then you can forget about the durability of their use. And this is not even about cheap material, but about the fact that it will not work to achieve comfort during training in them. They often stretch and tear quickly.

  • Material

If we are talking about professional boxers, then the preference in the material should be given to natural material, such as leather. But you can also pay attention to suede, nylon and microfiber. Synthetics, no matter how contradictory emotions it evokes, is capable of supporting shoes under heavy loads, which leather as a material can simply not withstand.

  • Sole and fasteners

Let's start with the sole.It consists of 3 parts. It:

  1. Insole;
  2. The inner part, which is located between the insole and the outer part;
  3. The outer part.

The insole allows the foot to "breathe". Its material should be such that the leg sweats as little as possible.

The interior provides support. The material is already denser here. Usually foam rubber or strong synthetic material is used.

The outer part can be made of several types of material, not simultaneously, of course. But in most cases it is rubber of high rigidity. This part should give good grip on the ring surface. If this does not happen, then the functionality of this shoe is lost.

There are several types of fasteners too. Shoes can be with traditional lacing, zipper or Velcro. Most people prefer lacing, because it is she who makes it possible to securely fix the leg. The zipper makes putting on and taking off your shoes much faster. Velcro is not inferior to these two fasteners and also has a right to exist.

  • Shape and color

These are the last two criteria. The shape of all types is universal. Those. these are a kind of sneakers, or to be more precise - sneakers. They are distinguished only by their height. The main task of the form is protective. Those. the athlete's foot and lower leg must be protected and fixed, and securely adhered to the floor. We also add that there is no particular difference between the male and female versions. In shape and material exactly. They are distinguished only by color.

The color scheme for each pair of shoes can be different. But if we are talking about some specific competitions and championships, the commission may impose a number of color restrictions.

At this point, the main criteria for choosing to consider, we end and proceed directly to an overview of specific models.

Rating of the best boxers for 2020

Tall models

As a rule, their height is up to 25 centimeters. Their main advantage is the maximum fit to the lower leg and its protection. This option is preferable for those who have injured this part of the leg in the past.

Green hill

This model is designed for both training and performance. Manufactured in China.

This pair is distinguished by reliable protection and fixation of the ankle. This is important in order to minimize the risk of joint dislocation. The sole is made of high-quality material that does not slip on the floor. Thanks to this, the athlete can move quickly enough.

The materials for this pair are leather and nylon.

boxers Green Hill
  • Quality material;
  • Comfort when using;
  • Affordable price - 2290 rubles per pair.
  • Not detected.


The representative of this recognizable brand deserves praise for its functionality.

High boxers are designed for both wrestling and boxing. Fastened with Velcro. They fit snugly to the foot and, due to the high-quality sole, do not allow the foot to slip. Most professional athletes prefer this particular manufacturer.

The price is quite high and amounts to almost 9 thousand rubles.

boxers REEBOK
  • Qualitative model;
  • Snug fit to the leg;
  • Non-slip outsole.
  • Not detected.

Medium models

Height ranges from 15 to 20 centimeters. Suitable for private use. Of course, they do not protect the shin as much, but it fixes the ankle tightly. If we talk about popularity, then models of this type are not as common as, say, the previous version. But still it is worth paying attention to some models.


A fairly functional sample from a brand already familiar to us. The athlete's foot will be stable.

Let's turn to the fabric. In the upper part, a mesh is used that allows air to pass through well. Also, the top in places that bear most of the load is decorated with additional overlays. The boots are fixed with lacing. It is she who makes it possible for the foot to be tightly fixed inside the shoe.

The outsole provides optimal cushioning, reducing unnecessary stress on the ligaments. The outer part of the sole is rubberized, slipping on the floor is excluded.

  • Convenience and comfort when wearing;
  • Affordable price - 5500 rubles;
  • Versatile to use.
  • Not detected.


This option is equally suitable both for training and for performances in boxing and wrestling competitions. The materials used here are: suede and polyester mesh. Fastened with cords, which are closed with Velcro on top. These boxers have one feature - protection of the Achilles ligaments from unnecessary stress and damage.

The insole can take the shape of any foot, which is anatomically important. The outsole is durable and will last for a very long time. And the brand itself has long established itself in the sportswear and footwear market.

  • Reasonable price for proper quality, for a pair you will have to pay 6700 rubles;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Can be used for daily workouts.
  • Not detected.


Another proven manufacturer that is trusted by most professionals. Wrestling shoes are comfortable and practical, and this is the most important thing.

They cost, of course, more expensive than the previous version, but also surpass them in quality in many ways. The clasp is still the same - lacing, which goes along its entire length.

  • Quality material;
  • Product strength;
  • Acceptable price - 8000 rubles.
  • Not detected.

Short models

This type is up to 15 centimeters high. If you compare with ordinary sneakers, then these will still be higher, in this regard, the leg is still better protected. But you can lace up these boxers in the same way as regular shoes.

This type of footwear is suitable for those with frequent workouts. They are comfortable to wear and dry easily after intense gym sessions. And the leg "feels" so good in them that the shoes are almost imperceptible.

Let's look at some examples.


Those who have already become the proud owner of this pair can appreciate the truly comfortable fit of the ankle to the fabric. The lacing is located along the entire length of the boot, which gives more rigidity and reduces the weight of the model.

The outsole here comes with a special pattern that was developed specifically for this model. It is this development that is able to provide improved adhesion of the outer part to the floor.

boxers Everlast ULTIMATE
  • Availability - the price is only 5490 rubles;
  • Comfortable and comfortable to wear;
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Not detected.

Prior –Boxing

This manufacturer is known for its budget, but at the same time excellent quality. It has been on the market for over five years.

Boxers perfectly fit the leg and withstand frequent intense loads. The rubber outsole eliminates slipping, and also eliminates the possibility of marks on the surface of the ring.

boxing shoes Prior - Boxing
  • Quite cheap - only 2700 rubles. for a couple;
  • Convenient and practical;
  • Designed for long term use.
  • Not detected.

SPEEDEX 16.1 CG2982

Super lightweight design with super ventilation. The construction is made using the latest technology, in which all parts of the sole are very elastic and the foot flexes without much effort. This is important for athletes.

The top of the boxers is made of mesh. Lacing in this version is located in the middle and gives the shoe a comfortable fit. All parts of the sole are made of foam material. The outsole itself is made of elastic material. It makes it possible to create maximum effort in the toe area at the moment when a person pushes off. All this together provides high efficiency.

boxers SPEEDEX 16.1 CG2982
  • Lightweight and breathable;
  • Increases the efficiency of loads.
  • Expensive. The average price is 11,600 rubles.

Models of different price categories

In this section, we will consider the most expensive, average and minimum cost models. Let's try to find out what the difference will be, depending on the cost.

Nike Hyperko 601

The most expensive model on this list.But what I want to say, these boxers for a long time held and continue to do so to this day, leading positions in the ranking of top sports shoes.

This pair belongs to the type of medium length, that is, it is suitable both for daily exercises and for competitions of various levels. At the bottom, the lacing is fixed with a special strap.

The weight of the shoe is low due to the combination of several types of fabric, such as mesh and leather.

This model has its own peculiarity. It lies in the applicable Flywire technology. That is, the model in the area of ​​the foot is reinforced with heavy-duty threads that prevent damage to this part of the body. If we compare this technology with something visual, then the structure of the support of some bridge is most likely suitable here.

Now let's turn to the price, it is almost 18,000 rubles. But what do we have for this money?

  1. High-tech construction;
  2. Through the introduction of innovations, we get the minimum weight of the product;
  3. Finally, convenience and durability.
Nike Hyperko 601 boxers
  • Durable;
  • Long lasting.
  • Not detected.

VENUM Elite Boxing Shoes

Let's look at this sample with a price slightly lower than the previous one. To begin with, they have a very attractive design due to their unusual colors. According to the manufacturers themselves, this model is created according to the latest innovations. They were tested in real fights and in the gym. One of the things Elite has really taken care of is the outsole. It turned out the way it is thanks to the combination of complex elements. In them, boxing will become more pleasant, and most importantly, more effective.

The insole conforms to its wearer's foot for added comfort. The most important thing to consider is the leg's ability to breathe. The mesh here is selected with large cells, so the leg sweats less.

So, for a price of 11 thousand rubles, we get quality and convenience in combination with a cool design.

boxers VENUM Elite Boxing Shoes
  • Tested model designed specifically for greater comfort;
  • Long service life.
  • Not detected.

Demix lennox


The most budgetary model. Its cost is just over a thousand rubles.

First, let's look at what the manufacturer offers us. Demix offers this pair as children's sports footwear. The insole is made from regular textiles without the addition of foam to conform to the shape of the foot. The boxers themselves are made of artificial leather and textiles. Fastened with lacing. The manufacturer assures its consumer that the outsole is resistant to wear and tear.

Consider the reviews of those who have already purchased them for their children. Most note the attractive appearance and relative lightness. The leg is tightly pressed with lacing, which is also a plus. But also a large number of comments were given to the quality of that very sole. It is noted that it is not very reliable and for some it has become deformed after several sessions.

Do not forget that this line of footwear is for children. And for this price, they fully justify themselves, given that they are not purchased for professionals, for amateurs, where there are not such heavy loads.

Demix Lennox boxers
  • Low price.
  • Fragile.


Approaching the issue of buying boxers, you need to decide on their purpose. If they will be worn often and used under intense loads, then it is better to pay attention to more expensive models. And if they are bought for a child for classes a couple of times a week, then you can see cheaper options. But at the same time, the child's leg should not feel uncomfortable when worn.

We hope our review was helpful.