1. How to choose the right button accordion: selection criteria
  2. The best expensive models
  3. The best models with a price up to 100,000 rubles
  4. Conclusion

Rating of the best button accordions for 2020

Rating of the best button accordions for 2020

The button accordion is a complex device representing a push-button chromatic harmonica "with the capabilities of a musical orchestra." The right-hand keyboard can be three-row and five-row. The five-row version allows you to play with all fingers of your hand, greatly expanding the possibilities of sound and skill. The lead melody is played from the right keyboard, while the bass part and ready-made accompaniment chords are played from the left. One button, when pressed, can sound in minor, major, seventh chords.

The repertoire range is unusually wide - from folk tunes to academic works.
The boundaries of the possible were expanded by electronic button accordions, the sound and virtuosity of musicians, when playing on which, reaches extraordinary effects.

How to choose the right button accordion: selection criteria

The peculiar structure of the instrument presents a number of features when choosing. What parameters should you pay attention to?


The number can be from 1 to 4 votes. Mechanically, the parameter manifests itself when the number of reeds is withdrawn per button. Differently tuned registers (reeds) in their combinations characterize the richness of the timbre palette. The tongues of the solid plates provide excellent sound and are identified as the Italian origin of the voices. Often German manufacturers refer to Italian sources, which speaks of the great merit of the instrument.


For the left hand, the keyboard is different:

  • ready-made;
  • ready-elective.

The ready-to-use option provides for switching the chord sound to single-voice type, with the ability to play complex polyphonic fugues.
The ready-made version sounds chords and, accompanied by melodies, provides a full-sounding musical canvas.

The size

The 1/4 - 1/8 model is suitable for ages three to five years. The right keyboard consists of 37 keys, the left panel is represented by a small row of bass, and registers are missing. These are one-voice and two-voice versions. The instrument is not a real musical accordion, but only its toy parody, with a size of 300 * 280 * 165 mm.

The 2/4 model is popular among schoolchildren due to its moderate weight and dimensions.

There are two-part and three-part instruments. The right panel is represented by 37 buttons in 3 or 5 registers. The left side has 37-60 buttons. Models can be found both used and new, but already at a much higher price. Dimensions are presented in 360 * 335 * 195 mm.

The ¾ size option is used by both the vast majority of schoolchildren and adult beginners. The instrument allows you to get a decent sound and at the same time has a moderate mass.The range can be represented by 46/61 * 44/80 in four rows, without registers and weighing up to 7 kg.

The three-part version with 5 chin registers has a range of 58-96 * 55/120 and 5 rows, and for the right hand 7 registers. The size is 390 * 390 * 190mm.

The largest professional instrument is designed for 4 voices with a range of 106/54 * 120/58, for the right hand has 15 registers, and is made on 5 rows. Bass-baritone is presented in 2-4-4-6 voices. Dimensions 460 * 460 * 220 mm, weighing up to 15 kg.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing


During compression, air must pass through. If an air leak occurs between the frame of the fur and the half-body, a whistle will be heard.

If there is no keystroke, but self-sounding occurs, then this means mechanical problems, malfunction of the valves.

Belt wheel

For a high-quality game, correct regulation of the belt is necessary, which is carried out by a special wheel. It is recommended to choose a model with a metal wheel, as the plastic one quickly breaks down.


Checking the right and left keyboards is done by pressing each key.

Keys must have:

  • easy move;
  • even pressing with equal effort;
  • quick return to the starting position without sinking;
  • lack of extraneous noise, grinding.

Voice part

Each note on the bellows opening and closing should sound the same. A clear sound determines the absence of extraneous background and split sound.

The best expensive models

WELTMEISTER Romance 703 70/96 / III / 5/3

The musical instrument belongs to the class of push-buttons and is presented in several colors. The global brand is renowned outside its native Germany for its German quality, age-old traditions and the latest technology.

WELTMEISTER Romance 703 70/96 / III / 5/3
  • flawless sound;
  • filigree customization;
  • popularity among professionals;
  • for the right hand there are 5 registers and 70 buttons, with a range of e-a "";
  • for the left hand there is a ready-made keyboard with 96 buttons in 3 registers, with a range of G-d "# and three treble voices;
  • bass voices 4;
  • complete with case and belts;
  • online order is available from the site;
  • belongs to the acoustic group;
  • recommended for senior departments of music schools and stage activities;
  • up to six months warranty.
  • absent.


The brand dates back to 1857 and at first was represented only by hand and mouth harmonics. Today the assortment is supplemented by the release of recorders and guitars of various types.

  • a world-renowned French teacher Frederic Deschamps participated in the development of the model;
  • the right keyboard contains 60 buttons in 4 rows with a range of 46 notes C # Bb;
  • optimal structure of keyboard rows, including auxiliary;
  • the outside of the neck is equipped with a register for quick switching with the right palm;
  • recommended for students of the secondary department of musical educational institutions;
  • with the European C-System keyboard layout, adapted in Russian music schools;
  • ready-made accompaniment of the left keyboard of 80 buttons in 5 rows;
  • scale steps are duplicated in their sequence by the basses of the main row;
  • auxiliary bass row makes fingering in high performance class comfortable;
  • excellent sounding of the instrument;
  • safety is ensured by a reliable insulated case;
  • belts are included;
  • can be ordered online.
  • the price is above average.

HOHNER Mattia IV 120 BK

A full-fledged professional button accordion with a broken soundboard and B-System.

HOHNER Mattia IV 120 BK
  • with ready-selectable keyboard;
  • right keyboard with 107 buttons in 5 rows;
  • left keyboard with 120 buttons and 6 rows;
  • 13 and 7 registers on the right and left, respectively;
  • with straps and a case on a transformer-handle included;
  • availability of collation registers on a dual switching system;
  • wheels on the carrying case;
  • choice of professionals.
  • not found.

Jupiter Lux from S. Barinov's factory

Latest hand-assembled tool.

Jupiter Lux from S. Barinov's factory
  • the right keyboard has 6 rows;
  • 8 chins;
  • left keyboard - ready accompaniment plus selectable keyboard;
  • presence of a mute - the lever is in the switchable position;
  • left keypad lock to lock the lever;
  • including bass for 2-4-6 voices;
  • straps included, including strap connector on the back for standing play;
  • legs for stationary position;
  • large radius of rounding of the deck;
  • registers - gaboy with piccolo, clarinet with piccolo, organ, bassoon, clarinet with bassoon.
  • when buying, "garbage" on the votes is possible, which is eliminated.

HOHNER Fun Nova II 80 light

The lightweight model in several colors from the German manufacturer belongs to the high price category.

HOHNER Fun Nova II 80 light
  • ready-made keyboard type;
  • with Russian layout;
  • in doing the range from C # to Bb;
  • the left keyboard has 4 voices;
  • equipped with belts and insulated cover;
  • famous German quality;
  • pure sound.
  • absent.

Pearl River 87K 120B 14 7 1B

An expensive instrument from a Chinese manufacturer has an excellent sound.

Pearl River 87K 120B 14 7 1B
  • 120 bass and 87 buttons on five rows;
  • deck type "Cassotto", which means polyline;
  • the right half-body is responsible for shaping the timbre and sound;
  • the Cassotto principle is based on passing sounds through a filter, where there is a muffling of high overtones, an increase in the middle range and low;
  • soft sounding;
  • wide palette of voices;
  • richness of sound texture;
  • complete with belts and case;
  • high quality materials of manufacture.
  • warranty question.

Fisitalia 37.34 CR

The three-part button accordion is hand-assembled in Italy and has a small size of 2/4 for children's learning.

Fisitalia 37.34 CR
  • 96 basses and 2 registers for the left hand;
  • 67 buttons for 7 registers for the right hand with a range of 3 octaves;
  • aluminum and copper mechanics;
  • the registers are fastened to the avional bar - a light alloy;
  • the body and the inner part of the keyboard are made of wood;
  • the tongues are made by hand;
  • carved wood served as material for the left-hand body;
  • cashmere inner cover;
  • additional installation of a MIDI system and a piezo microphone is provided;
  • with case and straps included;
  • 1 year warranty.
  • not detected.
Model / SpecificationsVoices, numberDimensionsButtons, pieces, right keyboard / leftWeight, kg  
WELTMEISTER Romance 703 70/96 / III / 5/337/870/969.1
HOHNER Nova II 80 A23/460/806.8
HOHNER Mattia IV 120 BK4235 * 465 * 125mm107/12012.5
HOHNER Fun Nova II 80 light23/460/806.8
Pearl River 87K 120B 14 7 1B43/487/120-
Fisitalia 37.34 CR32/467/968.3

The best models with a price up to 100,000 rubles

TULA 209 92/55 * 100 - II

Tula button accordions, a Russian trademark of musical instruments, have established themselves with impressive sound, powerful bass and exceptional acoustics.

The tool has the technical name BN 37.

TULA 209 92/55 * 100 - II
  • refers to the two-voice type;
  • right block of five rows;
  • ready accompaniment of the left keyboard;
  • manual assembly;
  • a light weight;
  • deep, juicy bass;
  • with bright sounding right keyboards;
  • wide neck;
  • accompanying instrument class;
  • Suitable for playing in the style of a new school with five fingers of the right hand for empowerment;
  • plastic version of the buttons does not transmit knocking when pressed;
  • available by online order;
  • with minimal backlash of key mechanics;
  • strong hardware for fastening the belt.
  • erasure of celluloid patterns on the case over time.

ETUDE 205M2 55 * 100-II

The button accordion is called a legend, many musicians who later became great masters began to play on this instrument. Several generations have been trained and have acquired a high class of playing the button accordion ETUD 205M2.

ETUDE 205M2 55 * 100-II
  • is in high demand;
  • wide range of colors;
  • two-part option;
  • metal mechanics with black and white buttons;
  • right keyboard 3 rows;
  • 4 voices-bass on the left keyboard with a wooden resonator for 100 buttons and 5 rows;
  • excellent balanced sound;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • melodious timbre;
  • ready-made accompaniment;
  • with a soft case-backpack included and straps;
  • convenient dimensions 365 * 209 * 402 made it popular for schoolchildren in musical institutions.
  • plastic belt adjustment wheel.

Aurus GH5060H

The accordion from the Chinese manufacturer has a ready-made keyboard at an affordable price with high sound quality.

Aurus GH5060H

box type = "tick" style = "rounded"] Pluses: [/ box]

  • 37 notes;
  • made in different colors;
  • reliable hardware for fastening the belt;
  • the presence of a retainer belt;
  • the set includes a cover - a backpack with an additional pocket with a zipper;
  • with an accessible online order and payment by installments.
  • the issue of durability.

Mischievous button accordion from "Shuiskaya accordi"

The instrument for solo and orchestral purposes is suitable for teaching beginners and children in musical institutions.

Mischievous button accordion from "Shuiskaya accordi"
  • belongs to the class of two-voice;
  • economical air consumption;
  • excellent timbre;
  • with uniform sounding of the entire range;
  • the presence of lumpy advanced voice strips with manual revision, which provides a high class of sound;
  • three rows for the right hand of tones and semitones;
  • ready-made chords on the left side in five rows;
  • deciduous and coniferous woods were used for the manufacture of lacquered resonators;
  • birch glue plywood used for the manufacture of the body, lining with celluloid;
  • oval edges;
  • artistic ornament and painting on the front and upper walls;
  • it is possible to inlay paintings with jewelry stones;
  • aluminum nets with nitro-enamel coating;
  • working hogs in the amount of 16 are made of cardboard with pasting with cotton cloth;
  • the corners of the fur chamber are made of brass;
  • available in red, blue and green;
  • the set includes a soft case and shoulder straps.
  • not.


The comfortable accordion for 2 voices is available in 4 colors - black, red, blue and mother-of-pearl.

Farinelli 2 voice button accordion
  • has 60 bass buttons for 3 registers;
  • compact and convenient;
  • good sound;
  • recommended at the initial stage of learning the game;
  • Chinese production from Italian components.
  • the issue of durability.

Farinelli three part

More professional model of the previous version.

Farinelli three-part button accordion
  • with 5 rows;
  • keys in the amount of 69 on the right and 96 on the left;
  • on registers 7/2;
  • the model is produced in three colors - black, burgundy and white mother-of-pearl;
  • rich deep sound;
  • high quality compression;
  • online order is available with delivery to any city in Russia.
  • few user reviews.

Model / SpecificationsVoices, numberDimensionsButtons, pieces, right keyboard / leftWeight, kg  
TULA 209 92/55 * 100 - II2397*212*40855/1008.8
ETUDE 205M2 55 * 100-II2365*209*40255/1008
Aurus GH5060H21/262/60-


The first Russian button accordions appeared in 1892 and conquered with their sound - an unusual timbre, melody. Evolution forced to change mechanisms and keyboard layout, but the instrument only benefited from reconstruction, the sound became juicier, and the capabilities of the accordion players multiplied.
Today's electronic button accordion is a mesmerizing instrument with limitless textures. The masters gather the halls and never cease to amaze with the color of their musical compositions.

Experts have heated debates about genres, some masters insist on the folklore direction, others on the academic one. One thing is clear - improving the instrument, gathering huge audiences for concert programs and without reducing the level of the need for training on the button accordion, the musical art is reborn. Formerly a folk instrument, the instrument is not only not forgotten, but also enters the era of electronics, new formats, new sound.